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This just in. 28 Apr, 2003

A dachshund

Yet more 25 Apr, 2003

There were about 5 squirrels within feet of each other today, but most skittered off as I searched for the camera. Pretend there were a bunch more.


Attack of the Trikes 24 Apr, 2003

Trike comic

I can't come up with his dialogue. My best attempt was "I thought Ms. Finch told you the 'hall monitor' position didn't come with a vehicle allowance, Bobby."

Squirrel Sighting 17 Apr, 2003


Another possible sighting of the Albino Squirrel? You decide.

Squirrel and Flowers 15 Apr, 2003


What more could you ask for??

Rabbit Hutch, 2003 10 Apr, 2003

Rabbit Hutch

Live Long and Prosper

Spring is in the air 02 Apr, 2003

The oaks are starting to grow their new leaves, and everything is finally turning green again.



Oh, and happy birthday to me!

That is all.