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Lightbulb goes... 15 Nov, 2005

This just in!

Lightbulb goes click!

iTMS Parser Somewhat Fixed 11 Nov, 2005

I decided to actually accomplish something this morning, so I looked through the old iTMS Parser stuff that Apple broke a few weeks ago. It turns out that I still had a cache of old urls around, and since they broke the ability to look up new urls, I just used the ones I already have. The video list is now back up and current through the end of June 2005.

See my lab/itms_parser or the source.

For What Is Version Control 10 Nov, 2005

Did you just save?
(smugly) Yeah.
After deleting stuff?
Yeah. Just words though.
Oh well, I guess that's what version control is for.

University Quotes 01 Nov, 2005

“Linux is more of a faith-based operating system.”

After discussion of the kernel... “Linux would be better if it had chicken”

“I was remote-logging-into his computer today. Having Windows on the Mac was a little weird, but then I started playing Solitaire [and forgot all about it].

at the game lab “We ought to set up a nightly build script along with tarballs of the source.”
“You linux folks... tar.gz.tar.tar.gz.tar.bz2... you make up for any any increased compression by using a longer filename!”