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Timhatch.com, Redux 19 May, 2006

I’ve finally made the changes mostly live. Three out of the four main sections now use the common template, and the forth (panos) will be soon underway. A new addition with the new design is the projects section, which is actually useful, unlike the previous lab (a jumble of things with no descriptions).

Commenting is not yet re-enabled but old comments have been imported.

If you notice any issues, especially with the photo gallery, let me know via email. tim@timhatch.com

3D Game Demo 05 May, 2006

I've got the latest game code online at duckgame-20060505.zip if you want to give it a try on Windows with DirectX 9.0c or newer. Source is not included, but will be packaged up once we get everything finalized.

As far as we know, it works on nVidia cards. ATI compatibility is unknown, as is whether it works under Cedega. If you find that it works under either of these platforms, send me an email.

Not rebooting 01 May, 2006

I suppose I’ve missed the deadline. I was going to try to unofficially take part in the May 1 Reboot and unveil a new design I’ve been working on, but I’d forgotten the number of days in April. Or something.

It’ll be up when it’s ready.

Sedona... 01 May, 2006

We’ve started on a project at the office last week to transform faculty vitas into nice reports. To this end, COBA has purchased a license to use something called Sedona (no link because we dislike it that much). How do we feel, exactly?

This company’s product is by far the worst database software I’ve ever used.

— Seabass

Did I mention that it only “works” in IE? And even then, it’s still pretty flaky.