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Fall 2006 Classes 29 Aug, 2006

Classes are starting again and I'm in a class with tams kids. Actually I should say I was, but am no longer, we resolved that. I think I'm graduating next May, which is about six months later than I initially estimated, oh well.

I’ve got one more class to finish up my German minor, which is going to be tough given how much of the language I’ve forgotten over the summer. I’m in one class with Ray (world lit) and one with Will (probability), which may make things sane once again. Strangely no computer science, I’m done with that!

If anyone needs to get ahold of me, I highly recommend email, as I’m quite out of pocket at random times.

Kate: I Dare You 29 Aug, 2006

Kate: regarding your recent post on the topic of shoes, I challenge you to mention a new kind of shoe each remaining day this week. That is all for now.

Python Development 18 Aug, 2006

I’ve been doing a bit of reorganization (long overdue) on my primary subversion repository to bring it more in line with this site (if you haven’t yet seen what’s in the projects area, go take a look). In doing so I’ve actually looked into what it takes to get setuptools working instead of distutils for compiling modules and it’s surprisingly easy.

I just have a couple of C modules I've toyed with, but finally packaged one up such that other people can try it. PyGCD provides about a 3x speedup compared to the pure python way of calculating the greatest common divisor of two numbers. I’ve also got the beginnings of a module to encode/decode T9 typing up there. Both distributions include cryptographic signatures -- check them against timhatch.pub with key ID F1B3E047.

I have a few other projects in the works too, mostly to scratch itches I have. The biggest one is one for OS-X to manually fiddle with routes depending on what base station my Airport card connects to or the MAC address of the router the Ethernet uses.