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Tilly Comes to Denton (again) 22 Nov, 2006

Tilly and the Wall dropped by Denton again to end their tour last week, and were awesome as usual. I am not known for writing about live music here, and this should be considered an exception.

I first found out about Tilly about a year ago while browsing someone's iTunes share on the UNT wireless network. One of the Apple users pointed out that someone's share had some interesting local music on it including Toad the Wet Sproket, whose music I still have not found time to listen to. I did, however, listen to a couple of songs by Tilly around April 2006, off the EP (I guess it's an EP) Woo!. I was hooked, and found out that they were on tour, and visiting Denton in July-ish. I told Camo, who was similarly enthralled with their unique sound and got to see them first in Washington, DC where she was staying. She left a note with the band, who carried it with them all the way to the tour here, some weeks later. I actually didn't find out that Jamie did tap percussion till the week before the show, and I'm glad that point hasn't become so kitschy that everybody knows it as some random weird thing before even hearing the music.

When Tilly came to Denton in July-ish, they kept track of the note and announced it to everyone, which was really sweet of them! The previous stop on the tour (which I remember as being Houston, though I didn't write it down) were so mean as to swipe all their shakers, so the band only had confetti eggs when they came.

Camo and I decided to remedy this, and got them a set of proper maracas, painted them up with the Woo! hearts among other things. The EP is long since out of print but one reviewer had it on his website which was still in the Internet Archive, thank goodness.

We met lots of neat people waiting in line for the Nov 11 concert, many of whom had been to the previous show. One group directly behind us even made up barbies like the members of the band!

Derek twisted his ankle really badly right before the show, but played on through with short interruptions to grab more ice from the bar. He's a real trooper, and all the fans were nice enough to pretend that everyone had left and it was encore time, then let them go... but Derek stayed on his case and signed autographs till way past when I would have if my ankle was hurting.