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No SLI, No Kidding 20 Dec, 2006

I get this message every time I start up Windows XP on my desktop. Apparently it doesn't remember that it's the only card that's been in there.

Version Control Roundup 16 Dec, 2006

Now that my semester is over for the winter break, I’m starting to evaluate many version control systems to familiarize myself with them so I can actually compare them with svn. I currently use svn, but my search prior to choosing it was not exhaustive. It went something like this:

  1. run ftp server at home, manually copy files (ended up with lots of dirname.1 type things)
  2. run unison to keep things in sync (didn’t handle merging, required server and client to both have compatible version, and less log support than ftp out of the box)
  3. cvs pserve (um…)
  4. cvs over ssh (windows client issues, related to my longstanding issues with cygwin)
  5. svnserve
  6. mod_dav_svn

This is where I settled, satisficed.

The docs were nice, it worked with a server I was already running, I could use my existing password files, and the syntax was reasonably simple (for me to learn, as a newbie). I haven’t had the time to look into the newer systems, although I’ve read briefly and at least ran the client binary to view help text for pretty much all of them.

My goal with this is to be able to tell the strengths and weaknesses of all the major systems, by creating a test repository and actually working in them for a bit, consisting of at least the following:

  • cvs (and rcs)
  • darcs
  • git
  • hg (mercurial)
  • p4 (Perforce)
  • svn (subversion)

I’ll update this post with links to the individual evaluations as they are finished, in addition to showing up in my rss feed.

Favorite Firefox Extensions 13 Dec, 2006

iTunes 6 Icons 06 Dec, 2006

Download the icns files from iTunes 6. Find iTunes.app under Applications, Ctrl-Click and choose Show Package Contents. Go into Resources, and paste all these in. Now you’ll have the lovely green icons again.

Thanks to Camo.