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You Know You're In a Math Class When... 31 Jan, 2007

...the prof says “An epsilon of you will understand this function...”

Blue Screen of Plasma TV 30 Jan, 2007

I went by the research park yesterday and they have a new giant TV, this one apparently anchored less than the previous one (stolen by ninjas). They've got a windows machine hooked up to it and we were greeted with this lovely screen when leaving last night:

Blue Screen of Death

Python compat module 24 Jan, 2007

There are lots of functions that keep getting written over and over in applications that need to remain compatible with older versions of Python. I just found this one, which is the most complete I've seen: aima utils.py

Sign In Points 16 Jan, 2007

I tried to complete a WebCT Vista "First Day of Class" survey which offered to give me five points using a radio button. I thought that was kind of funny since it's a yes/no question, but the following question was also yes/no and used two checkboxes. You know, for that indeterminate third choice if you are in both states at once.

Bit is Pretty 16 Jan, 2007

The esoteric programming language Bit produces a nifty pattern when syntax highlighted... I'm still trying to figure out how to slurp \n in Pygments, since in this language whitespace is completely irrelevant.