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Ascii to Unicode Filenames 26 Apr, 2007

I’m dealing with an imperfect script to rename files using FreeDB on Linux which happened to rename files (on a UTF-8 volume) to contain upper-ascii. Not a big deal. Check out convmv which I just discovered after this issue!

Other News 23 Apr, 2007

...in other news today, Sheryl Crow has lost it. One should not post to their blog while under the influence.

Moving a Tree 22 Apr, 2007

I called up Cameron P and Will with a proposition... “Want to help move a giant tree? It'll be fun!” I got home and did some rough calculations: the largest of three trunk pieces weighed between 2200 and 3000 pounds. Nobody was injured, so I think we came out good!

Midwestern State 22 Apr, 2007

Saturday morning for the CSRL was spent in Wichita Falls (yes there are falls, but they're electrically operated and only turned on some of the time) for a conference put on by Midwestern State's computer science department. Two of our guys (Cameron P and Tommy) went to present some slides on the SDF model, while Pete and I just went to watch. I ended up being the human clicker because there was not one provided nor enough cable to move the laptops away from the projector.

Midwestern State is apparently named so because North Texas was already taken, although they deserve it more given that they are more north.

We got a real nice tour of the grounds including the business building which is nicer than UNT's, and has a stock ticker that draws you in.

Gallery2, ImageMagick, and iPhoto Colorspace Issues 19 Apr, 2007

I got fed up with Gallery2 just stripping the color profiles when resizing images so I decided to do something about it this week. This is a quick patch, not something that I put a lot of thought into, but it solves my problem and may be useful for others. To follow along, first go to color.org and download the withBPC verison of the profile. The other will mess up on random images. I haven't figured out why and can't discern a difference between the withBPC and withoutBPC versions on the ones they do work on, so I just stick with the one that works.

Next, go to your gallery-root/modules/imagemagick/classes directory, grab gallery2_imagemagic_use_srgb.diff and patch with patch -p0 < gallery2_imagemagic_use_srgb.diff.

At this point new images will be correct, but you'll need to somehow recreate your ralready-esized images -- the easiest way is to blow away cache under your g2 data directory (there's some way through the gui, but it's more sluggish). Tada! No more yellow-cast images when exported from iPhoto.

Hooka Hooka 19 Apr, 2007

I went by in March to take a panorama at the Hooka Hooka Lounge, here in Denton near Fry Street. I'm pretty impressed with how it turned out! Check it out on the WWP site.

Hooka Hooka Pano

Shackathon 2007 17 Apr, 2007

Shackathon pictures are up from this year. We didn't get notification soon enough for Apple to participate but we didn't get rained on either!

Update: rainy teardown pics are also available.

From Loser to Kerry 09 Apr, 2007

Another great conversation with Chad. He was talking about how presidential candidates have to be on the edge through the primaries but then more to the middle for the general election.

“So you either end up a flip-flopper like Kerry, or you don't make it through the primaries.”
“So the spectrum goes from 'loser' to 'Kerry'?”
“Yeah, pretty much.”