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Desktop Wallpaper 26 Feb, 2008

I use Fluxbox on Linux and have been satisfied with a solid color background for the past two years. I finally decided to move beyond that in a dual-screen configuration, and have a couple of notes:

  • Great wallpapers are at mandolux. Grab a couple that fit your screens.
  • Fluxbox has a command fbsetbg but it expects a single file to tile (I'm using Xinerama, so it's one display to X). Use convert +append file1.jpg file2.jpg output.jpg for this.
  • If changing the style in your ~/.fluxbox directory, you can reload it in the right-click menu on your desktop.

Also, for some reason Xorg + Xinerama and synergy2 completely don't get along (synergys exits with an error, and the X server won't accept any more connections!). Other than that, I'm happy.

Car Wash at Night 01 Feb, 2008

Car Wash on Eagle Dr.

I went on a walk to try to shoot panos at sunset last week, and caught this shot at the car wash near my apartment.

I got a few strange looks, but my battery ran down due to the cold, barely-above-freezing, weather and I had to call it quits after this one.

Research Park Bus Stop 01 Feb, 2008

Parts waiting to be assembled

A few weeks ago the parts were delivered to make a new bus shelter by the Research Park's second stop. I wonder when it'll be ready.