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Github Gist 14 Aug, 2008

Yet Another PastebinI found out at the SBonRails meeting last night that Github is now offering a pastebin. I know what you’re thinking, do we really need another pastebin but this one is fast, not annoying, and provides the history of the evolution of a paste as a git repo. Pretty neat, and they use Pygments (a Python-based syntax highlighter I contribute to) for colorization, from what I assume is a Rails app. I’d love to see more about how they integrated it (and some sort of api that lets me grab the metadata for which filetype a given paste is, for running daily tests, but that’s another post).

Home Desk Setup 14 Aug, 2008

Berto asked about the state of my home work area, so here’s a quickly-annotated photo. The two desktops stay on all the time but with some powersaving (Moya could sleep if I play with WOL and get it working). Aeryn Sun is my G4 PowerBook (I joke it’s a SlowBook Pro), which is still fast enough for a whole lot of tasks. (Actually I’m writing this post on it!) I’m slowly becoming a Mac shop as machines are becoming fast enough to run all my testing VMs on a single Linux box.

Desk Photo, August 2008

The printer is a HL-2170w which has a quaint Web interface for configuring it, but works great with the Mac. You can’t really see the SUA1000XL which is the most awesome UPS I’ve ever been able to hold off the ground without help. It’s around 55 pounds and able to run the whole setup for 39 minutes (something on the order of 38% load, when I leave and the monitors powersave it goes down to 10% load and around 90 minutes runtime). Behind the printer is the D-Link gigabit switch which works great and supports jumbo frames, and next to it (also not visible) is the first photo backup drive (HFS+, covered in a couple of paragraphs) and two external ReiserFS data drives. Of course the printer is not on a UPS, since it draws too much on startup (the main UPSes actually kick on because the line voltage drops too much at that point, since I only have one circuit to my bedroom).

Backup FlowchartThe backup scheme I use for photos is pretty solid, I think. Coming out of the camera, I keep the photos on the flash card until they’re backed up fully in Texas, at which point I mark the card as erasable. The last couple of months stay on my laptop, and everything before that is then on the external hard drive and in Texas, on a machine named Toothpaste (simply for the sheer joy of asking people “Where’s Toothpaste?” in everyday conversation). Yearly it also gets burned to DVD and the DVDs are kept in a box with the expectation that I’ll never have to use them. Toothpaste is a lowly Celeron 566 which is optimized to the hilt for low power consumption (around 25w idle, 45w with all disks spun up and transferring large amounts of data).

Astute readers who spend as much time at Ikea as I do might recognize the Galant desk surface and Vika Fagerlid legs. I actually got the desk surface first from the as-is area and decided on the legs later (as I was running short of shelf space). What you can’t see is that there is another, different leg at the back corner which is from another series which is 3/4” shorter than the others. The solution was pretty simple, cut a piece of 1 × 4 and screwed it on (this probably qualifies me for a post on Ikea Hacker, since “cut the allen wrench and use in a drill” made it into a post last month).

TeamsServer 12 Aug, 2008

Strange, I was looking for libjpeg headers on my Leopard machine today and noticed /usr/share/wikid which has some files unreadable by regular users which appear to be help files for some sort of collaboration server. Part of it is a Subversion checkout of the local path file:///Library/Collaboration/Groups/help/revisions, which of course doesn’t exist, and the owner (_teamsserver) has a home directory of /var/teamsserver, which also doesn’t exist.

This doesn’t seem to be officially exposed anywhere on the Leopard client, but I can find references to a collaboration server by searching online. Strange.

Quick Howto for PIL on Leopard 12 Aug, 2008

If you are trying to get PIL working and get messages about missing jpeg or freetype support, here's the quickest way to get going:

  • Download PIL 1.1.6 source package and have the Developer Tools already installed
  • Patch setup.py with this patch so it can find the Freetype you already have. (patch -p0 < leopard_freetype2.diff)
  • sudo apt-get install libjpeg if you have fink (otherwise, build by hand and adjust paths)

You can use it without jpeg support but im.show() has jpeg hardcoded as the filetype so you would need to work around that.

Spaceship Operator 08 Aug, 2008

Comic Sans Spaceship Operator

Berto thought it necessary to combine two of my peeves (perl and Comic Sans MS) into one image and send it to me in an innocuous name like “Picture 1.png” in Skype. I closed it as soon as possible, but it just haunted me from the Leopard Dock when I returned from lunch.

undefined symbol: Py_InitModule4_64 07 Aug, 2008

We ran into this error on Debian this morning, with a system that had more than one Python.

Typically this means that an extension was compiled against the wrong Python.h.

This just means that the calling Python interpreter and the extension don't use the same version (one is Python 2.4, the other 2.5). They were both 64-bit but the name changed in http://www.python.org/dev/peps/pep-0353/

Some commands to help debug this are ldd (to show dymanic library linking) and nm (to list exports).