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OpenWRT on the Asus WL-500gP V2 29 Nov, 2008

Hardware now running OpenWRT

To get the WL500g Premium V2 up and running with working USB support, I went with OpenWRT as opposed to the DD-WRT we already run at the office on WRT54g’s. It turns out that this specific router does not yet work with a 2.6 kernel so it’s a little harder to get on. This forum post has a build that's worked for me on two different routers to have working wireless.

One last note, recovery mode uses, not as I had assumed for days. Recovery mode is accessed by holding down the reset button for many seconds at during power-up. I had thought mine was bricked but these two hints got me up and running again.

It does not work with my 3.3v FTDI serial cable, but that could be due to frying it by using a 5v cable inadvertently.

I Voted 04 Nov, 2008

Given the number of measures on the California ballot today, I was a little surprised to see the lines were literally nonexistent at my polling place around 7am. I’m glad to see paper ballots still in use as well.

Hmm, Gmail in Chrome 04 Nov, 2008

Ha. “[Gmail] Inbox won’t load using Google Chrome” on the known issues page right now.

Screenshot of known issues page