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Jaunty, Continued 21 Apr, 2009

Spoke too soon on the Jaunty upgrade. Switched graphics card to nvidia, but there was no restricted driver prompt. I really miss Ctrl-Alt-Bksp to kill X. Took a fair bit of fiddling to get python c modules working again, and networkmanager is no better1. I was also hoping for a jackalope on the desktop wallpaper but... there isn’t one.

[1] Quoting the manpage bridge-utils-interfaces(5), “You should not put any lines to configure the interfaces that will be used by the bridge”, but I had to set the physical interface to manual so NetworkManager would leave it alone.

Brush With Danger 20 Apr, 2009

I started an early upgrade of my home box to Ubuntu 9.04 this afternoon, and checked just before I left to find that I could no longer ssh in to any of my machines at home.

Broadcast Message from root@kianna
        (somewhere) at 19:02 ...

Power failure on UPS sua1000xl. Running on batteries.

Broadcast Message from root@kianna
        (somewhere) at 19:12 ...

Power has returned on UPS sua1000xl...

Luckily it was still downloading packages and not stuck at some prompt saying “dpkg is now half-finished, press ok to make it bootable again”

screen is well worth the price of admission (free), and made my upgrade over ssh quite reliable.

NetworkManager woes 17 Apr, 2009

I use bridged ethernet on my Ubuntu 8.10 install, and just noticed that it broke whenever I connect wireless (doing dhcp on both the physical device and the bridge). Turns out this is Bug 256054 and my situation is best described by this forum post.

NetworkManager has always frustrated me, but it’s necessary to get the wireless up (incantations I’m used to on other linuxes don’t appear to work on Ubuntu, but NM does). Sigh.

GPGMail Bug 16 Apr, 2009

I’ve been receiving a number of bad OpenPGP signatures from people using the latest version of GPGMail on Leopard (v56 as of this writing). Looks like there’s a bug triggered by word wrap behavior if your message contains entirely ascii. Add an accented character at the end or make all your lines short enough to not wrap and you’re fine.

Intro to Django 08 Apr, 2009

Berto and I are giving a presentation to the Santa Barbara Ruby on Rails group (sbonrails) tonight, pitching Django to a group with a strong Rails background. Slides sbonrails-django.pdf and the example code on github.