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Pygmentizing a directory at once 30 May, 2009

Zed Shaw posted recently about how things are confusing in Python. Just a couple of notes, for the benefit of people in such situations:

The opposite of list.append(x) is more likely list.pop([position]) which removes and returns the item.

If you want to syntax highlight a directory of files, Pygments can most certainly do that:

pygmentize -f html -S trac > trac.css
for f in *.py; do
    pygmentize -f html -O full -O cssfile=trac.css -o "${f/%\.py/.html}" "$f"

The fancy substitution on the argument for -o is bash-specific, so adjust for your shell.

Switching to ldap auth 28 May, 2009

The music server at the office got switched to LDAP authentication today with Berto's help... and we came up with this gem to sync user ids after removing local accounts:

cd  /home; for f in *; do echo $f; sudo chown -R $f:$f $f; done

Just make sure you don't have slowish USB devices mounted under your home dir. It went off into the woods for a while.

Server Leaks 27 May, 2009

A/C condensation is leaking on one spot in the office. Of course, it's right on top of the dev server stack. Dargo is my personal 1U box on top there, sitting in harm's way. I hope this gets fixed soon.

More fire photos 07 May, 2009

There is a little more to view starting at _MG_8680 and on the panoramas page if you're interested.

View from Goleta 07 May, 2009

Nick snapped a photo from the Los Carneros & 101 overpass this morning. Post link.

Pics of the fire 06 May, 2009

A photographer watching the fire

Took these fire photos last night around the same time as the panorama. Approximate location is 34.407122,-119.698845 (on the SBCC campus) looking north.

Panorama of the fire 06 May, 2009

I just put up a panorama from on the SBCC campus which is an overview of the fire.

Jesusita Fire Map 06 May, 2009

I didn’t find this linked anywhere obvious, so here’s the Google Map compiling fire-related information: Jesusita Fire by Ethan.

More fire 06 May, 2009

Fire flared up again, and I lost power for 28 minutes at home.

Here’s what it looks like outside my office right now as we’ve hit 94 degrees.

First fire of 2009 05 May, 2009

I got word from a friend of a friend^3 that there's a fire up in the hills of Santa Barbara. We've had some minor power fluctuations at the office in Goleta (about a 15 minute drive up the coast) and my home UPS has been on battery for the last 11 minutes (no voltage on the lines).

Initial reports from the Independent are that the fire was seen along the (Southern California) Edison road, an access road for the power lines that run through the national forest. Last year we found out that they would turn off power to the town for firefighters' safety whenever they have to work under the lines.

I live far enough away that it won't directly affect me, but I'll probably be offline for a while.

Update: photo on the way home