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Open Source and Crashing 20 Oct, 2009

At $JOB we use a lot of open source technology. Our servers run Linux, our dev machines (generally) run Linux, our core products are written with Ruby on Rails and a lot of Python (some Django, not much).

Consequently we do a lot of editing text, and that editing happens without an IDE because that’s easier to do remotely (or maybe we’re just stuck in our ways). For the Ruby guys, that means Textmate and a little bit of classic vi; for the Python folks gVim/CarbonEmacs (all on OS X). Strangely enough, most of the worst crashes all seem tied to editors (but maybe that’s just because we have them open all the time, just like how 90% of accidents occur within a mile of home). I’m about to downgrade from Snow Leopard because of other minor glitches with Spotlight but Berto’s been hitting kernel panics only when CarbonEmacs is open.

Berto taking a picture of a kernel panic

Funny, huh? Not for the second time in a day. And it turns out that Apple Engineering is investigating both of our issues, but nothing yet. At least they’re not duplicates of “existing issues.”