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Rsyncable gzip 11 May, 2010

I heard about rsyncable gzip (that makes the gzip compression stream restart every now and then so that rsync can resync on it) in Ubuntu, and found that those patches aren’t available for Arch Linux (my home) or Gentoo (my work). Arch's AUR does have something called rgzip, but it's a wrapper that doesn't accept the same args and can't be a drop-in replacement.

I present, PKGBUILD for gzip-rsyncable (not yet on AUR). In order to use it, you’ll either need to fully-path /usr/bin/gzip or swap around the order of /bin and /usr/bin in your path (a quick comparison shows that only two binaries exist in both, and they’re in fact symlinks to the other). Initial tests using it show a 2.3% size increase (0.6% of the original size) for highly textual input (kernel .h files).

Search in Gnome Terminal 03 May, 2010

Berto and I were just remarking how nice it would be to have a search feature in Gnome Terminal, as part of a debug session tonight. Turns out there is, it got merged a couple of hours ago! Bug 78963.