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Brother MFC-7440N on Arch Linux 16 Aug, 2010

My printer at home is a Brother MFC-7440N, which has difficult-to-use Linux support. I finally got everything working under Linux, and figured it’s worth a quick walkthrough. I use Arch Linux for which there were no proper packages available.

  1. Grab brother-mfc7440n and brscan3, and build/install them. You will need various dependencies, all of which should be in the main repos.
  2. If you’re using it networked, great! The commands you need to run to set up the printer (in cups) and the scanner (in sane) will be displayed on install.
  3. Install scanadf, which is part of the sane-frontends package, along with imagemagick.
  4. Make a handy little script like this:
  5. #!/bin/bash
    T=`mktemp -d`
    scanadf --resolution 200 $T/page%d.pnm
    convert $T/page*.pnm ~/Documents/`date '+%Y-%m-%d %H:%I:%S'`.pdf
    rm -r $T