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I've got kind of random naming schemes for my computers. Here they are:

Names of current machines

Kianna (64 bit Core 2 Quad Q6600, Ubuntu 8.10)

Named after the Tilly and the Wall singer. My favorite raid card is a 4-lane 9650SE right now, running those silly Seagate 1.5TiB drives (reliably, since upgrading their firmware). Currently gets 236 Kp/s up to 953 Kp/s on prtbench. Runs the AFP daemon for me, so I was able to officially ditch SMB.

Moya (3.0GHz Quad Core OS X Leopard)

Named after the living ship from Farscape, my newest workhorse is primarily for processing panoramas. Moya can completely stitch a pano faster than I can read the tiffs off disk with Aeryn-Sun. Gets 287 Kp/s up to 1.08 Mp/s on prtbench (TODO rerun with latest Apple compiler).

Pilot (Core 2 Duo 2.4GHz, OS X Leopard)

My work's MacBook white with an upgraded hard drive. Wicked-fast Python execution. Its hard drive is named Leviathan.

Toothpaste (32 bit Celeron, Ubuntu 7.10)

Randomly named. Contains drives "berry" and "tilly" and stores my backups off-site. Draws about 35 watts idle, 1130 bogomips.

Aeryn-Sun (PPC G4 laptop, OS-X Tiger)

Character played by Claudia Black in Farscape. Runs the PPC buildbots for Trac, and not much else at the moment. Briefly was called Professor Farnsworth because of a dent it has.

li2-27 (UML instance, Debian Etch)

This one never really got a name, since I only refer to it by fully-qualified hostnames. It's run through linode.com which I'm very happy with.

D'Argo (Dual Opteron, FreeBSD 7.x)

A dude who means business in Farscape. A 1U box I picked up, this will run things in jails so I don't have to put them in VMs on Moya anymore.

Joolushko (Dual Opteron, Arch Linux)

A character from Farscape that screams a lot. Close to D'Argo. Will probably keep these two in the living room, and have to deal with noise issues. A 1U box like D'Argo, this one is intentionally not deb-based. While I think more people should use Ubuntu, I live in an Ubuntu-heavy world and would like to keep my options open.

Names of now-retired machines

  • Dalek (evil guys from Doctor Who), which was my office box at UNT
  • Cardiff (place where Torchwood takes place), a PPC G4 running Buildbot
  • Kianna (previous incarnation, an Athlon64 which didn't survive the move)
  • Arandis (from Star Trek), my first dual-cpu box
  • Derek, Neely, and Jamie (band members of Tilly) which were VMs on Arandis (Derek was the windows one, Neely ran sparc and Jamie mipsel)


I favor ironic names. Most of them are some variant on "huge", knowing full well that disk sizes increase rapidly so they won't be for long.

  • Drivechen (back when 250GB was a lot)
  • Large (back when 160GB was a lot)
  • Monolith (back when 120GB was a lot)
  • Whitey (drive case is white)
  • Speedy (slowest IDE drive I still use)
  • Jay, Kay, Emm (back when I was running Windows, I named them after their letters)
  • boot, root, usr (my first Gentoo box also used obvious names)