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Panorama Information

This is the panorama which I submitted to WWP.

Location (lat, lon): 33.12927, -97.10431
Date: 2004-09-22 18:20:00

The Subject

I've taken several panoramas at the Old Alton Bridge, just south of Denton, TX. The bridge is an iron truss bridge originally built in the late 1800's to carry horses and the automobiles of the time, which were, of course, much narrower than today's vehicles.

The Old Alton Bridge was in constant use until about 2001, when it was replaced with the concrete-and-steel bridge you can see next to it. This road is heavilty travelled by commuters, and it was decided that a newer multilane bridge should be put in its place. There is a sharp curve on each side

This bridge is listed on the National Register of Historic Places (7th listing down), and is on Denton County's tour of historic iron bridges.

The bridge is currently part of a hiking trail and is open to pedestrian and equestrian use.

If you're wondering where the Denton or the bridge is, use terraserver (preset to the bridge location), and zoom out a couple of levels. -->

Technical Information

Taken with a Nikon Coolpix 995+Kiwi 995 with the Nikon FC-E8 fisheye lens. Stitching was done with PTGui+Enblend+Meticulous tweaking in Photoshop.

Six photos were taken for the horizon, with two photos each for the zenith (straight up) and nadir (straight down), due to the relatively low FOV in F2 mode, and also because I usually mess up while stitching and it's good to have an extra. One additional photo was used to remove my shadow — because the sun was so low, the shadows were unavoidable.

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