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You can find band bios anywhere on the Internet, but I wanted to share a bit of a personal story. A friend gave the band a note in D.C., and they kept it with them for half their tour before arriving in Denton a month later. They still remembered about the note and announced it from memory, which was really cute.


Their debut album is IMO their most straightforward offering, and to my knowledge has never had a copy show up on eBay. I managed to find mp3s on archive.org a while back, but couldn't find decent album art. Update: mp3s are back at http://oftherecord.org/index.html again!

Here's The Best Woo! Cover I could put together, which admittedly took a little photoshopping from a promo picture they signed from around that same time. I hope you enjoy it, and go see the band live sometime!