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About the UNT Oracle

One day, I stumbled upon some data available from the UNT LDAP system as it’s imported into NDS and replicated across all NetWare servers across campus. This data includes several interesting attributes, including current and past course enrollment (three semesters’ worth at the moment).

What else would I do with this information except develop a webapp modeled after the Oracle of Bacon, so you can find how you're related to other people who are taking classes at UNT.


Visit http://home.timhatch.com/projects/untoracle/ and enter some names or euids. It’s hosted on my home machine for speed because it's working with many thousands of people and needs to cache lots of data in ram to run quickly. It’s not workable running here on shared hosting yet, though I am working on a faster lookup method.

Not a Download

Downloads are not available for this directly, though I will give some hints and provide help if you're developing your own version. LDAP info is available in some part from info.unt.edu (basically just names, emails, and year status, though also employment) or any NetWare server such as cc2.unt.edu (which contains course enrollment, names, euids, etc).