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About WWP Equipment

I compiled this rough draft from the 0306 WWP event because I was curious what equipment was the most popular. It has since been rewritten as a script to automatically cull information, making less manual work on me, so I've now run it for all previous events too..

One of the more interesting results is that there ended up a tie between the Sigma 8mm and Nikkor 10.5mm in mid-2006.. There were a lot of unspecified lenses, which I expect in practice a good number of which are rectlinear — I didn’t examine the panoramas to make guesses, only took what was provided.

I do plan to expand this further and do some trend graphs -- I haven't gotten around to it, but the csv files are available and you're welcome to produce some!

Source code is at git://code.timhatch.com/wwp-equipment.git The pages here were last updated 2010-11-08

The Data

EventDistilled HTML with LinksRaw Data
March 2004data-304.htmldata-304.csv
June 2004data-604.htmldata-604.csv
September 2004data-904.htmldata-904.csv
December 2004data-1204.htmldata-1204.csv
March 2005data-305.htmldata-305.csv
June 2005data-605.htmldata-605.csv
September 2005data-905.htmldata-905.csv
December 2005data-1205.htmldata-1205.csv
March 2006data-306.htmldata-306.csv
June 2006data-606.htmldata-606.csv
September 2006data-906.htmldata-906.csv
December 2006data-1206.htmldata-1206.csv
March 2007data-307.htmldata-307.csv
June 2007data-607.htmldata-607.csv
September 2007data-907.htmldata-907.csv
December 2007data-1207.htmldata-1207.csv
January 2008data-108.htmldata-108.csv
March 2008data-308.htmldata-308.csv
June 2008data-608.htmldata-608.csv
September 2008data-908.htmldata-908.csv
December 2008data-1208.htmldata-1208.csv
March 2009data-309.htmldata-309.csv
June 2009data-609.htmldata-609.csv
September 2009data-909.htmldata-909.csv
December 2009data-1209.htmldata-1209.csv
March 2010data-310.htmldata-310.csv
June 2010data-610.htmldata-610.csv
September 2010data-910.htmldata-910.csv