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This project is for doing annotate/blame on various revisions of (text-based) data.


Latest stable verison is pyannotate-0.2.1.tar.gz (asc, released 2007-08-04), or browse the distribution directory for older versions.

For development, grab a copy using bzr branch http://code.timhatch.com/bzr/pyannotate/

Example Usage

>>>> from pyannotate import LineBlame
>>> b = LineBlame()
>>> b.add(1, ["hi", "world"])
>>> b.add(2, ["hi", "-insert-", "world"])
>>> for rev, line in zip(b.revs, b.data):
...     print "%5d %s" % (rev, line)
    1 hi
    2 -insert-
    1 world


I welcome patches, suggestions, and bugreports. Send me an email to code@timhatch.com