Tim Hatch

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Hi there,

I'm 25, a resident of lovely Santa Barbara, California, and holding my dream job where I get to work with Python all day long at a little company called Smart Receipt (formerly Nutricate). That picture at the left is actually a couple of years old, I had a more awesome beard for a while, but don't have it any more.

In my spare time I make 360-degree panoramas (see link above) and talk a lot about learning to surf.

My naming scheme for computers is mostly after Farscape.

If you'd like to get in touch...

Email (or Jabber) on both
tshatch@gmail.com (direct to phone)
(signing OpenPGP key C3B2B974, everyday key F1B3E047)
T-Mobile: 805 202-6443, AT&T: 940 390-1407
Work direct line: 805 617-2191
thatch on FreeNode (idling in #trac and #pocoo)

Nutricate pgp key at 76E0872B