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This is a script that I made with the intention of being "less bad" than a php script I used to use. That would not be difficult given that the php script had some randomly-weird issues on Windows servers where newlines in the csv files it kept would get munged. I do not know if that was subsequently fixed, but I figured it'd just be easier to resize stuff locally and then scp the whole thing up.

Prerequisites: Genshi, pyimagesize.


Devel code in bzr branch

Example Usage

First, install it. sudo python setup.py install.

Then go into a directory with some .jpg files, and run qgal "Title of Album". Assuming you have all the prerequisites, you should end up with a build/ directory. Get that and the img/ directory from the source distribution up on a server. A good way on *nix is tar -c img/ | ssh user@host 'cd path/to/target; tar -xv -' but in practice I usually (cd build; rsync -av . user@host:path/to/target)

You can see a demo of what it looks like at, f.e., my San Francisco album.


I welcome patches, suggestions, and bugreports. Send me an email to code@timhatch.com