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Shooting Locations

The house where Grandma Death lives in Donnie Darko is also in the Mentalist 1x22 "Blood Brothers" as the camp buildings. I think it's somewhere between Los Angeles and Sacramento, based on where those two are normally shot.

I'm about 80% sure the motel in From Dusk Till Dawn is also in the Knight Rider 2008 pilot.

Frank's Echo Service in S. Darko is attributed to being on the "Old Lincoln Highway" by 1 and being in Echo, UT (the side can be seen in this photo about a pbs documentary.

The motel in S. Darko is in California somewhere (where the missing poster has Lorem Ipsum text, referencing the unregistered domain missingchildrendatabase. Conejo Springs evidently doesn't exist.

Season 3 of Sliders switched from being in "San Francisco" (where in reality most of the outdoor shots look like Vancouver, Canada) to really being in Los Angeles. The church where the kid gets dropped off in Sliders 3x12 (the mall/consumerism episode) seems to be Wayfearer's Chapel.